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Towing wonder!

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Don't normally brag, just wanted to note 2011 Ridge did excellent job
on towing 2K lb boat/trlr 150 miles one way. Had to keep checking if trlr was attached, no heavy jerks like last 2 vehicles. Mpg looked good to. This was
over mostly 2 lane roads, boat used on Cayuga Lake, upstate NY.
As a side note, gas prices cheaper upstate NY than northeastern PA, must
be bunch of greedy B's in PA. First time seeing that since going there.

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What were those last two vehicles?
My '06 never had a problem pulling my fishing boat (roughly the same weight as yours) and my mileage was actually pretty good.

However, last month I borrowed my brother-in-laws' trailer for an 800 mile trip. Loaded, it weighed 2,500 lbs. There was no strong headwind (thank God) because it was like pulling an anchor!! I struggled to get 11 mpg and shifting down more than I would like.

The difference was the height of the trailer. My boat is no taller than the cab of my Ridge, but the other trailer is 7 feet tall with a flat "face". Wind resistance is a huge factor. Glad you had a good experience.
Wrascal... Both vehicles were Dodge Dakota 6 cyl 2.8L and 2.5L
I suspect 3.5L on Honda and FWD was telling point.
As to headwinds, met up with that on 2.8 Dakota, I pulled over and opened
windscreen when towing heavier boat to allow wind pass thru. Still had to slow
down, high wind causes sway.


PS: 2.5L, 6cyl, 5spd stickshift is for sale.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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