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Okay, I knows this is probably not the best place for this. But I just got a new trailer and the expanded metal (mesh) on the floor is sagging in pretty good. I'm going to get my new atv tommarow, so the deck will have to work for then. Once I get it I want to put wood over the mesh. Was thinking a 2x8x8. The trailer is a tractor supply trailer, so doesent hold that much weight. Will the 2 inch thick weight to much, or should I do one inch thick? Also what could I use to attach it to the metal mesh without drilling through the angled metal supports themselves?


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Do you need the entire floor covered? If so I'd consider 3/4" or 7/8" marine grade plywood, comes in 4'x8' sheets and could be cut to fit snugly without fasteners thru it. Or a real temporary solution would be lay tarps in there so you could place a load of sand or pea gravel in the trailer.

If not necessary to cover the entire floor, I'd just do 2 or 3 2x8 or 2x10 or 2x12, those could be secured by placing where desired and drilling thru the holes in the mesh for locating purposes from underneath the trailer, then have someone above place carriage bolts thru the newly drilled holes and fasten them with fender washers and lock nuts while under there. If it was me I'd use stainless steel hardware and avoid the rust issue in case I ever needed to remove them.

Other options could find a shop and have 1/8" steel plate or 1/8" cold rolled steel, cut and welded in, would add minimal weight and they could even cut the mesh out, once in you could get roll in bedliner and cover the new metal.

If you have a chance post a few pics of this trailer.
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