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Install Anti-Sway Bars?

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•2017 RTL-E • Curt Echo Brake Controller • 7x14 enclosed cargo trailer • 4500-ish Gross Trailer Weight • ATL to SFO • 2,500 miles•

From the forums, people seem to lean either way regarding WDH, especially since Honda discourages them. Does anyone have a passionate opinion on this?

The discussions around vehicle sway are less clear and hopefully, someone can help clear the confusion. Has anyone experienced vehicle sway, installed the bars, and the issue was minimized? If so, which one has worked out for you? I know LOTS of people have never had sway. Assuming setup/driving/etc is correct, can the reason for why there's minimal sway be attributed to Honda's Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA)/Electronic Stability Control (ESC)? Would this also control the trailer brakes? If so, how much of a difference would the sway bars make? I'm also getting the Echo manual override button so I don't have to mess with my phone.

I'm VERY new to towing and worried about encountering sway without having enough experience to quickly trying to prevent it from happening in the first place, but I also want to be reasonable. I would appreciate any tips, comments, suggestions, etc. Thanks in advance everyone!

PS - tips on how to "fix" sway in the moment? Slow down, apply trailer brakes... anything else?
In early December, I completed a trip in my 2019 RTL-E from Bend Oregon to Jacksonville Florida towing a 16 foot cargo trailer filled with tools and furniture. Prior to leaving I installed a Tekonsha trailer brake controller. I was right at the 5000 lb limit. I took a southern route to avoid snow conditions and only encountered snow in Albuquerque. What I found was that the lane and road departure mitigation systems needed to be turned off. The constant correcting of these systems during normal driving is barely noticeable, but in snowy or windy conditions while towing a large trailer, they are magnified to the point of being a little scary. Hope this helps. Good luck.
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