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Transmission and Radiator Problem?

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i have a 06 , i dont my father does and im doing the homework before he gets screwed over.

has over 170k miles on it and my father decided to do a tran flush. whatever the issue was before its worse

the car starts up but has trouble going into the higher gears around 56 MPH and it starts to fail there. car is able to make simple close by trips

finally have enough money to go to a mechanic to get the tran rebuilt - fair price but he is now mentioning he wants to add/replace a radiator?

what does the radiator have to do with the tran? - i am not car savvy could someone explain?
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Common failure for the ridgeline is the cooler lines from the transmission that go into the bottom of the radiator get rusted out and fail and/or there could have been a failure where crap could've have gotten in the cooler and hes being more
safe then sorry.
Bottom Line: If you are paying for a transmission rebuild, DO get a new radiator! It's cheap by comparison, and the old one will put your new tranny at risk.
Xave4217, all the following threads are on Transmission/Radiator issues.

FWIW, I'm with Dnick, replace the radiator, it's less than $200 for a quality Radiator & Honda/Acura Type2 coolant, and could be the cause of the rebuild requirement for the Trans.

Good luck
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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