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Hello guys
When music is off I can hear tick sound when the transmission shifts gears like a solenoid tick. Shifting is smooth. Can you confirm that everyone hear it or its a start of a potential transmission Issue. I don't hear it on my 09 TL OR 10 CIVIC.

May be the cabin is so Quiet and its a normal characteristic of this Tranny?? I called Honda Tech. support and they said its not a known issue so before I go on multiple test drives with deaf dealerships I want to ask you guys.
Hopefully its normal :-(
My Accord 2014 Accord V6 does this. I took me some time to notice it but when driving between 10mph and 30mps through a neighborhood with stop signs you can hear it if you turn the radio off and keep the windows up. Never had an issue with the trans so far.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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