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Transmission problem code P0966

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I start my truck this weekend and got a check engine light with a blinking D. Scangauge code was P0966. My code reader actually said there were 2 codes. P0966 and P0966 with a weird symbol after it. I turned it off and decided to change the transmission fluid and reset the check engine light. The CEL came right back on, so I decided to take it for a test drive to see if there are any symptoms. It accelerates fine up to 20-25 mph, but then it doesn't go any faster. I floor it and can hear the engine rev, but it doesn't go faster than 25mph. A google search says pressure control solenoid B, but that is a minor problem that shouldn't affect my speed being limited to 25mph right?

If I can't get it working today I'll have to bring it to the shop Monday morning. I could either drive it to the local mechanic or get it towed to the dealer... which one would you do?
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Just an update, my first test drive diagnosis was incorrect. I took it for a more varied drive this time and it seems a bit sluggish on level roads up to 40mph (I didn't try going faster than that on our local roads). I would get up to speed in an acceptable amount of time, but it almost seems like its running on 3 cylinders. However I tried going uphill from a stop and it seemed to take a good 1/4 mile to get up to 40mph. It was accelerating EXTREMELY slow uphill. Any thoughts? Is this safe to drive to the mechanic 10 miles away?
I'd seriously be concerned of two things, Cyl 4/5 spark plug issue, and SMOD.

Check the engine compartment, specifically near the front bank and Pull the Rad Cap and ATF Stick and make sure everything looks OK.

And if I had AAA Towing or some other source, I'd consider it
Agree. Strongly consider getting it towed to your mechanic.

Chip H.
I ended up driving it to the dealer before seeing these replies, but during my drive I realized my car's poor acceleration was due to the transmission going right into 2nd gear from a stop. The service tech's first thought was a bad pressure switch, but the DTC would not clear even temporarily. He found the ground circuit to solenoid was open and isolated the broken wire. He also found several more wires that were chewed through by a rodent. There you have it folks, 4 hours of labor and $500+ later, I have my truck back. Seems like our trucks are too reliable to have a REAL problem, right?
Rodent! Go figure.
Thanks for reporting back. It's amazing what a couple of hungry teeth can do!!
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