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I use Adobe Photoshop Elements and use the "save for the web" menu item.

I then resize the photo using the area where you can enter in how many pixels in size you want your picture to be. The pixels dimensions are linked, so I just enter '600' in one of the fields and then check the other field to make sure that it is equal to or lesser than 400. I adjust the 600 number down as necessary until I get something that is 600 x 400 or less.

Most of my pics start out as 5 megapixel images to give you an idea of the original size.

I save the file as a jpeg to my desktop and then go through the following procedure to upload it into my post.

Find the button marked 'manage attachements' in the 'Additional Options' section just below where you type the text of your post.

A window will pop-up that will take you through how to find the file and upload it to the site.

Then you are done. :D
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