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Hey folks, reposting this from another area on the site------

Hi all. I've been browsing the site for a week or two now and have really gleaned some excellent info on all sorts of topics; this is my first post so "HI" to everyone.

I bought my Ridgeline last Tues and have ordered the heavy duty custom fit bed mat by Protecta, the automatic tailgate lock by Dynolock and I plan to order the Retrax cover this afternoon. The gentleman at Retrax told me he doesn't have any dealers in my area.

I was curious first off if anyone is from the New Orleans/ Baton Rouge area and second, if so do you have someone you trust to install the Dynolock and possibly the Retrax?

I'm not as worried about the Retrax but I'm really not the most mechanically inclined guy and I worry about the Dynolock after looking at the posts detailing installation. Worst case I'll go ask the guys at my local Honda service center who they recommend locally.

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