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Knowing nothing about car stereos I decided to add the polk 651s speakers to all for doors, and the infinity 1031t tweeters with their cross-overs in place of the oem tweeters. I also added the alpine 445u amp behind the pioneer 4100nex headunit. All went well except the tweeters sound awful. They are very distorted and even make a hissing noise when no music is playing. When I put the factory tweeters back on everything sounds fine. The oem tweeters can't be better can they? Not sure if it has something to do with the crossovers that came with the infinity tweeters, or I read that the amp has crossover settings that can be changed (right now set to 120 stock), or the gain nobs on the amp (have both at half-way now, was just a guess). Or even on the pioneer their is a settings menu option for crossover and hpf on/off. As you can tell i know nothing about gains, crossovers, amps settings, would appreciate any help on why the tweeters sound so bad. I have an 06 ridgeline if that matters. Thanks for any help, Brian
Brian. You have a very nice set up. You should be getting clean sound.

FYI: a speaker of any kind can make no sound on their own. Not even a hiss. I suspect they sound awful because something is awry in wiring.

Can you describe how everything is connected? For example, are you using power built into the Pioneer to drive door and dash speakers?
How confident are you L & R positives and negatives aren't crossed up?

Something simple you can try is balance sound full left and full right, judging sound quality and making sure sound fades L to R smoothly and completely. I'm guessing a few wires need to be swapped around.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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