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Two little cars & NAV

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Okay, I'm on my way out again and just had to ask this question as everyone is asking me what they're for. (Two little cars)

On the NAV screen, in the lower right hand corner, there's two little cars, side by side in a circle. At times that circle turns a different color. So far I've seen White and Green. What the heck is the circle with the two cars for?? lol

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Page 6 of the nav manual will answer your question.
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Try touching the cars and see what happens. On my Kenwood it changes red if traffic delays are on my route. Then I can click for diversion options. Not sure if the '17 RL is the same?

Green - Traffic moving freely
Yellow - Moving but with delays
Red - Very slow to stopped
Gray - Traffic service not available
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Thanks for the quick replies! Greatly appreciated :smile:
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