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I have been on the boards now for over a month. I just dont post or log in. I have been building Honda's and working on them since 1997. I have personally swapped over 350 engines and transmissions and done many many auto to manual swaps in accords and so on.

I own an aftermarket performance car parts business that started out focused on my other passions. Audi 2.7T bi turbo engines. I make billet compressor wheel turbos that see over 300whp on stock 1.8t VW/AUDI (VAG) and I have plenty of audi 2.7T seeing over 500whp on 93 octane.

I am developing a bolt on kit now for the ridge on my own. I hope to showcase it soon. I will post some pix of my ridge tonight. I need to put them on photobucket.

Here is my company facebook pages. You will find dynos and some more about me there.
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