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Up The IKE Gauntlet with 2017 Ridgeline towing 4440lbs

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I have posted a video "Up The IKE Gauntlet with 2017 Ridgeline towing 4440lbs "

The weight was higher on the return trip because I did not dump the black and grey tanks. Both 25 gallons and both where 2/3 full. I also had some fresh water in the tank. I really wanted to test it with allot of weight. I did go straight to the CAT scale to get an accurate weight of the Trailer. You will see that at the end of the Video 4440 lbs !

I was impressed with the way the G2 Ridgeline handled the weight up the IKE Gauntlet. It had no problem 60 - 65 mph. Even though I had the pedal to the floor it did not feel like it was struggling. As you will see from the video there was no gear hunting by the new transmission. My only complaint was near the top I wish It had down shifted a little sooner. I think the Ridgeline could have handled the full 5000 lb tow rating at speeds 55-60mph.

The surprise of the trip was the millage. Overall millage on the trip computer was 14.6 mpg. But from my manual calculations it has been about .8mpg high so actual was about 13.8mpg over the 350mile + trip. I had been using ECO on previous camping trips that had fewer hills and passes and less weight, yet it got lower mpgs, with eco on 12mpg. So don't tow with ECO on you will get better mpg.

Enjoy the Video! If you have questions just ask.

EDIT: Forgot to mention IKE run time 7min:35secs well under TFL bench mark of 8min.
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Great report. Three questions . . . (1) once the truck settled in to the uphill incline, did the transmission stay in 5th gear at WOT - until it downshifted near the peak?; (2) what were the winds like?; relative direction & speed (because this as been a really key issue for us towing with our 2011 RTL - with a travel trailer that typically weighs about 100+lbs more than yours); (3) did you have a passenger on the run?.

Can't wait until the TFL guys get blown away by this kind of performance when they do their run.

Thanks again.
1. From past experience towing uphill it almost immediately goes to 4th. I didnt bother to hit the D4 because im sure thats where it was already. I really like the way this truck is geared compared to the old G1 !! Huge improvement !!!!

2. There was only a slight 5-10mph breeze from the north. We were heading east bound.

3. Ridgeline had cargo of me 190lb my wife and dog combined 200lb dog kennel. A trunk full of junk. Trailer tire and Canopy. I now from weighing before without the wife and dog the Truck weighed 5000 on the nose with me and same cargo, so with wife and dog 5200lbs.

Question for you. Do you tow with a WDH with sway control ?

I am thinking about contacting the TFL guy to let them use my Ridgeline to do their test. It may be months till honda can get them one.
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Thank you, rjsaenz, for taking your time and effort to make and post your videos.

It is much more valuable to have your full and documented results than all the biased speculation from a sponsored review.
Thanks ToadVine ! If pictures are worth a thousand words Video is worth a million !!! Ill let the video speak for itself.
I wonder if you could have put it in LOW to force it to downshift, if you wanted to accelerate, or reach a higher speed. I'm still unsure of what LOW does exactly. )
I have tested the low, It seems to be only gears 1-3. I may be wrong. Try it out. Jump in your G2 Put in low and see how many shifts, I only count 3 no mater how high you rev. Now put in D at 40mph drop it to low and see what the down shift does it will slow you down hard. Has to be 1-3 only. Some one else please verify.
Your posted time blows away the Tacoma, Frontier, and Colorado. Of course they were towing a little over 6k, but if I remember correctly, all three were damn near redline the whole way up. Great video!

I think they were towing 5600 for GMC Canyon and Tacoma. I think the G2 Ridgeline would do very well towing the max limit of 5000lbs up the IKE Gauntlet.
The owner's manual currently contains incorrect information regarding the L position. It is described correctly in the service manual, however.
Can you please post this info from the service manual ?
Thanks Zroger73 I appreciate it. Im still not sure that service manual is correct.
I spoke with Andre Sminov from TFL Truck yesterday after exchanging some emails. We are trying to find a day next week for them to borrow my truck for a 5000lb Ike Gauntlet Run. I will keep you posted !.
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now we're talking...hid-a-cam. even just audio! ssshhhh....don't talk about it.
Im sure they wont mind if I put gopro in the backseat. Andre was pretty cool. I am hoping the testers will be Andre and Nathan. Nathan seems to be the most open about the Ridgeline being a capable Truck. Hopefully I wont regret it. We will see.
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