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captmiddy said:
Because the computer algorithm is based on this vehicle's actual needs and current build quality and systems in modern vehicles. And you are wasting resources unnecessarily. Imagine how much oil would be saved if everyone used more reasonable change intervals. With the average miles per vehicle per year somewhere over 12000 miles, we are talking about millions of gallons of oil essentially gone each year. There is no reason for a current vehicle to need 3000 mile oil changes. I change the oil on my hybrid once every 10000 miles. And on the truck I will follow the interval recommended by the system. I haven't done 3000 mile oil changes since my last Chevy which was over 15 years ago. One of the vehicles in that time is still on the road, still having oil changes about every 7500 miles and has over 150k miles on it. The other vehicles I traded in with fairly low mileage because the utility they provided didn't match what I wanted.

So I have to ask, do you have any proof that your interval is really improving or increasing the lifetime of your vehicle?

Call me a crazy environmentalist, I bought the Ridgeline because it was an ULEV, if it wasn't I may not have bought a truck at all. I also bought it because I knew that the interval for oil changes would be between 5000 and 7500 miles usually and this means less oil waste. So if you feel you really must, then go ahead but I really think it is a horrible waste of oil that could be used for other reasons.

I'm with the Capt. (not Morgan for a change! ;) ) on this one. I'll change it when HAL tells me to.
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