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Update:. I replaced the strut assembly and the noise went away. It was definitely an older shock, but its very hard to tell where the jingle came from. Hitting the top strut nut with an impact did not seam to do anything to the noise.

Hello All,

I have a 2006 Honda Ridgeline RTS with 189000. I bought it with 160000 and it needed some work and it developed a little front end "jingle" going over slow bumps around 175k. Super annoying.

The story goes, I've replaced every front end part. Some parts due to necessity and some that I thought were the jingle generator. The car already had replacement front struts, KYB Excel G. I have no idea when they were replaced other than they were replaced before 160K

new control arms/new ball joint
outer tie rod /inner tie rod
CV Axel's
Sway arm bushings
Stabilizer End links
New rotors/brake pads

Good thing I like working on cars because the jingle noise is still present.

God willing, the only thing left i can replace is the strut mounts. I can take the car and rock it laterally and reproduce the sound so I feel pretty good about the diagnosis. So to the questions .

Would it be worth it to hit the top strut nut bolt with an Impact for a few ugga duggas to see if it will somehow help the noisy strut mount? Is the torque spec that important on the nut to make a big handling difference?

Thanks and be safe
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