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I have written off the Ridgeline at least until the US version got some features that I considered very important to me. I had made that judgement based on a post of several months ago. Here is the post, the entries in parenthesis are entries from me based on a review of the US and Canadian manual, I found the features to be in teh US manual. The upshot is it appears to me that the US vehicle and the Canadian vehicle has the same feature content in these areas. That is excellent as it get me excited about a Ridgeline. I just want a little more time on the market to sort out any issues and I am still concerned about the the ability to pick a gear and lack of sport mode. (I would also like an eight to 10 speed transmission with paddles, always something more).

The post with my comments in parenthesis from looking at the two manuals---------------

The following features are unique to the Canadian Ridgeline.

- Heated windshield - (my research shows an entry in the US Ridgeline manual)
- Ventilated front seats - (in US manual)
- Power folding mirrors - (in US manual)
- Rear climate control panel - (in US manual)
- Reverse tilting mirrors - (in US manual)
- Heated rear seats - (in US manual)
- CD player - (in US manual)
- Rain sensing wipers - (in US manual)
- locking tailgate - (do not see in entry in either manual)

----------end of post

These items are some of the things that I found in the manual that appeared to be different between the US and Canadian vehicles. Not having a Ridgeline it is hard to tell the exact differences. These appear to me as missing either in the US vehicle or there is more adjust ability in the Canadian vehicle.

automatic lighting control based on ambient light
exterior lights turn off when car is shut off after delay

Can anyone add to this list or provide more detail on these items? In looking at the manual the Ridgeline does seem to be feature rich.
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