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THINK ABOUT USED TIRES or even NEW from this buyer. Just had a great experience. (Short story below)*

Well what ended up happening was, I sent this buyer (BILL) an offer through the question part of Ebay, trying to negotiate the price he had them listed for (Listing was about to end).*

He got back to me immediately and was nothing but helpful from there. Although, he couldn't get me the 2 - Brand NEW Firestone Destination LE2 (245/60/18) for the $200 I offered. He had them listed at $265 including shipping. which was a deal anyway.*

So he emailed me back and asked me to send a list of tires I wanted and I said Michelin Tour HP... and all the other great highway tires in the size 245/60/18.*

Long story short. He emailed me back with a list of tires and handpicked the best 4 he had from the 10 stacks Michelin tires he looked through. It was like talking to your buddy and he hooked me up with 4 tires 10/32 tread Michelin Latitude Tour HP and he had them all tested and ready to roll in an hour with 16 pictures in my inbox. THEY WERE ONLY $260 for all the tires plus $80 shipping.*

He even offered me Brand New (4) Bridgestone Dueler H/L ecopia*245 60 18*for only $540. They retail for about $640 before shipping.

They have a website you can glance through the used tires. But I highly recommend contacting them about tires.

I worked with Bill.


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