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Useful accessory for trailer hitch

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I stumbled on an interesting accessory that allows long stuff to be carried in a short bed. Check out

I have been daydreaming about designing a removeable roof / ladder rack for use with the Ridgeline. This may be a much easier, less difficult, and less expensive alternative for those of us that do not need to carry long or very heavy items regularily. Add a light kit and this thing looks like a real winner - at least for my purposes. I thought that other ROC members might like to see it too.
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Ultra-HOG said:
...I thought that other ROC members might like to see it too.
Yes, thanks HOG, this looks like a great thing to have on hand, doesn't it!!!!
Very nice find.
Interesting to say the least, 750Lbs, good workbench, and a Mini field goal for the football tike. Would hate to see a small car try to rear-end that truck with that thing on it. Yikes !!
Now I know why I bought a hitch.

Any idea how far it sticks out behind the tail gate? This is intrigueing. Would love to hear first hand account from someone who has one.

Good point, hence the light kit, and a large flag. On the other hand, grind the tips of the field goal to a point, mount them horizontally, then see how impatient those tailgaters are! Just kidding, of course! Then again, with the Ridgeline, we can open the rear window and fire a paintball at the offenders.
ROFLOL! You have made my day, Ultra-HOG, with yet another great use for that automatic rear window! Commutes could become fun again! :D
I saw a similar device (somewhere on the internet...but I have forgotten where now) that will extend either straight back at bed level as in the pictures, or it can pivot 90-degrees up to a level even with the roof rack to act as a rear support for such items as long lumber or ladders. As I recall, it was fully height and length adjustable. If I find it again, I will post the link.
Update: I finally got around to ordering one today. ETA is Thursday 6/23. I spoke with a very nice person that took my order. They are located just outside of Cleveland. Free shipping on orders over $100.00, handling is $5.95. If anyone wants to see it - and a Retrax tonneau cover - you will have to come to the Northeast / Mid-Atlantic ROC meet this Sunday 6/26 in Western PA, north of Pittsburgh, near the PA / Ohio line. Ya'all come now, ya hear?
Here are the pictures of the "Hitch Hand". Note that the lights shown in the pictures ARE NOT INCLUDED with the Hitch Hand. I had them from previous towing uses. I bought them from U-Haul several years ago for about $35.00, I think. They are magnetic and plug into the flat 4-pin hitch connector. I may add lights that can be seen from the sides. Maybe just drill a hole in the side of the light case and pop a lens from a pilot light in the hole. It is 10 feet from the front of the bed to the goal post end of the hitch hand. It is 4 feet from the rear most part of the lowered tailgate to the goal post. The goal post is adjustable both vertically and horizontally for width. The "goal post' can be installed horizontally to allow you to make a table or work bench. It supports 750 pounds. This thing is surprisingly heavy and very well made. I would be worried about using this thing at night without the light kit. I am not convinced that the flag is enough to keep Polly Ponytail from running into it while she is talking on her cell phone, eating a box of Ho-Hos, and drinking a large diet Mountain Dew while smoking a cigarette and all the while checking her hair in the mirror and looking for just the right CD on the floor. :eek:


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Kind of reminds me of the Master card ad - "Trailer Extension; $xxx - beautiful child to set on extension; priceless" :)
Thanks for posting the pics. Looks good.
That's awesome U-H. Maybe I can go buy one today since its near me and have it for Todd when he gets home from Canada tomorrow to soften the blow of the scratches and lost CC :rolleyes:
OMG they are 10 minutes from me. Guess where I'm going!!
swwooooosssssssssshhhhhhhhhhh!!! GONE!!
Well...the last few days have just really taken it's toll. I just glanced in the mirror and saw this old, confused mentally battered woman and I was half tempted to ask what type of flowers she wanted on her grave stone. :eek: I can't until Monday so I can try this all again. From missing Todd all week, to a scratched up 50K vehicle ( after taxes and finance is paid ) to a lost credit card to dissappointing friends, I'm cooked-stick a fork in me! I'm glad you guys are here. You have really been more only sanity this week. Thank you for being here for me. I wish ALL of you lived near our PA meeting place this Sunday so I could each and eveyone of you a hug. :)

Anyway..sorry...I digressed.
I went and bought one of bed extenders like U-H has. I bought it for Todd as a surprise. Do you think it's a good surprise since he likes Lady Ridgena as much as me??
Hey girl, if he is into tools and gadgets...yes a very happy man when he gets home (missing him terribly, aren't you?) Damn, need to quit "making love" to my truck and maybe find me a real woman...naaaw, truck isn't near the headache most women :rolleyes:
He's gonna love it. Have a great weekend, LadyRidge. You deserve it.
Nicholas said:
truck isn't near the headache most women :rolleyes:

If I didn't know you so well Nick..I might take offense to that. Good thing I know ya huh?? :confused: ;) Yes, I miss him terribly. Not only have I not seen him since Monday morning but we have not talked either. No phone service in the dead of Quebec.
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