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Using, then selling, a CAN version in the US?

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The differences in what is included with the G2 (RTL-E in particular)with the CAN version makes me tempted, if I get one. I live in WA State, so 3 hours could see me in Vancouver, CAN.

I understand a little about the difference in dealing with a warranty, and I understand the KM vs MI bit and that the temp, I believe, wasn't changeable from C to F.

I usually keep my vehicles for awhile (still driving my 2001 4runner), but, what I was wondering, is if anyone had purchased a CAN version and then, at some later point, had any issues selling/trading it in IN THE USA?
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You'll have to pay about 15% of the total cost in import taxes at the border. Its not like buying one in Oregon, its a different country. They're not capable of licensing it either.

There is one way, become a Canadian citizen, join their military, get stationed in the US and then quit. Its that simple.
The provincial government set up a website for people living here to import from the USA.

For us the car has to be used, not new to be eligible for importation.

I wonder if there is a states or federal US website with similar info.
I'm not sure I fully understand, are you able to switch between km and mi? If not, as a US buyer, I wouldn't be interested in it. But others may not care.
i wonder if you could replace the canadian cluster with a usa version.. or find a friendly honda dealer who could reprogram the computer
Do your homework first. If the vehicle doesn't have a U.S. compliance sticker on it someplace, you have to then determine if it's eligible for import and you have to use a registered importer to import it and post bonds until it's been determined to comply with all U.S. safety and emissions standards. The vehicle may have to have modifications done to ensure compliance.

I'm not sure if Canadian 2017 Ridgelines have the sticker or not. If they don't, it's generally not worth it to import them because of the cost and hassle associated with it. It may seem straight forward, but if it doesn't have the sticker, it's not. Oh, and make sure you factor in the applicable duties and taxes on your decision on whether to import. I've heard horror stories of people who try this. No sticker... don't even think about it.
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i wonder if you could replace the canadian cluster with a usa version.. or find a friendly honda dealer who could reprogram the computer
I believe that's what happened with a used Explorer I owned. The dummy lights didn't light the right lights so they had to change the cluster under warranty. It also had daytime running lights which the US version did not. So I figure it was Canadian and when brought to the US they changed out the cluster but with the wrong one.
I have been looking into just buying the parts to add the air conditioned seats to the USDM car. So far no Canadian Honda parts dealer has parts for the 2017 yet.
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