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Valve adjustment question

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Anybody know if you have to remove the intake manifold to adjust the valves? The service manual says to do that first before taking the head cover off. It gets pretty expensive to replace all of the gaskets in the manifold not to mention the one on the head cover.
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Yes you have to remove the upper intake manifold. I reused both the MLS gaskets on the upper intake and manifold spacer without any issues. I also reused the rubber seal on the upper intake manifold cover. As long as there are no visible cracks, or deformation in these gaskets, I see no issues with them being reused.

As well as the cylinder head cover gaskets. For piece of mind you could just get the two MLS gaskets that go between the upper intake ---- manifold spacer and ---- lower intake runners.

There is no need to remove the lower intake runners.
Thanks Ghost. I'm finishing up a timing belt job. I know you're supposed to do the valve adjustment also but I'm debating whether it's worth the trouble. It was running fine before the TB job so I'm not sure if it's a good idea to disturb it. But I still have the plugs out (replacing with new) so now is the time I suppose if I'm going to do it. I bought the head cover gasket kit for about 35 but then looked in the service manual for the intake manifold removal and installation and of course it says to replace gaskets. So I hear ya, but right now I'm just debating whether or not to tackle it. I'm not buying any more gaskets unless I dive in and find issues but if you replace all the gaskets, you could out almost 2 bills before you're done.

I am glad I changed the timing belt. That sucker wad cracks all over the back of it. Ready to snap. I just bought the beast used with 140K on it so apparently it had never been done before.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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