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I was going to ask this in my post about the PCV Valve bolt breaking off, but thought I better make a new one instead.

Can anyone tell me how far to push the valve cover tube seals in? I bought the fel-pro kit, and I pushed the seals all the way in until they bottomed out. When I tried to put the valve cover on, I couldn't get the seal around each tube. They were catching on the lip and being pinched if I tried to tighten the cover down. I tried everything to push them over the tubes, but couldn't get them. My dad came over and was able to use his long thumb nail to get them around and I'm assuming the seal is good, but I can't imagine it being that difficult, especially if you're going to do the rear valve cover and going in blind. I'm worried the seal may not be good and will eventually leak into the plug tubes.

My thought is, I should have probably just flushed the tube seals to the inside lip of the opening (on the underside) and that would have given me an extra ~1/8" further to slide down on the spark plug tubes.
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