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Vanity Mirror Don't Light......

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Went thru the check list and didn't find any problems on my new RTL. Wasn't untill later that the wife noticed that the vanity light didn't light.
Well, OK. Mark that down for the next time I'm in town....... :(
Get to looking at the thing and I notice that the sun visor is pushed to the left on the swing rod.
Push it back to the right and the vanity light comes on. Push it back left and it goes out........
Well, whatta you know, must be a contact ring in there somewhere.

I'm not that impressed with the construction of the sun visors, kinda cheap looking :(
Love everything else about the truck :D
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Exact same thing happened to us.

The dealer did a poor interior detail and left the sun visors not fully pushed into the sockets. About to take it back when we found the error. Item should be added to check list :)
Have since discovered that the visor is designed to slide along that hanger rod for better coverage when to the side. And the manual even tells you that the vanity light will not light untill it is returned to the "in" position...... :eek:

Vanity Mirror Light - not working as specified

I failed to inspect this small feature when I took delivery of my RL.
When I was detailing the interior the following weekend I discovered the problem.
I did notice the comments in the owners manual regarding the light operation.
When I was informed about this thread I was excited that a fix had been found.

However, the fix offered in this thread did not solve my problem of the light not operating ... :(.
I have notified the Dealer and will be going to have this item serviced ... :mad:.
So much for pre-delivery inspection ... I even found my 4 tires at 45 PSI cold pressure. The spare was at the correct pressure.
Vanity Mirror Light - not working as specified

The Svc Dept has confirmed that my vanity light has power, but does not function.
They have ordered a new passenger sun visor with vanity light and mirror.
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