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Version 4.A2 Navigation DVD Disc

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Upgraded our last 2012 and some 2013s that used version 4A2 white navigation DVD

If anyone needs one, been unloading these for 35 plus postage and paypal fee on craigslist
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What type of disk is it on? Any problems with it uploading and running after initial install?
The original white DVD as it was installed on 2012 and 2013 models.

How would I know about problems ?
I find these upgrades useless 90% of the time. Last one I did could not fine an Home Depot that was opened for 10 your money
I stopped using my 2011 Ridgeline nav - its outdated even with updates and way behind in technology - I recommend a ProClip mount and a smartphone for nav...I trade between Waze and Google Maps - eventually I might pull the system and replace with a modern deck with CarPlay or the like -
Really like the 2016 updates, both on our Ridgelines and our 2016 Touring CRVs

The USB based CRV maps are nicer to use but just as accurate as the DVD version
It just depends on where you are going.
I still was using the Nav in my 2000 Acura TL last year.This is the first of Hon.da Nav Systems to use single DVD map for U.S. They stopped making updated DVD for tat car a few years ago.
do these nav. DVD require codes to work? If so do you provide those as well?
Have never entered any codes when updating DVD

Your mileage may vary
I would like to purchase one of the dvd. One request: can you give any discount to a student? Would greatly appreciate it.
Can you make another one?

Anyone on here has a nav. Disk they would like to sell or donate? Please PM me. Thanks.
Hey bud I will pay your 35 fee. I really need a nav. Cd as my phone data is not unlimited. I need nav. For work. Thus could you please sell / make me one. I apologize if I offended you by asking too many questions.
Do the newer discs change the graphical user interface? Or does it literally just have updated maps?
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