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Very impressed!

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We looked for about 2 weeks for a Ridgeline dealing with 7 dealers and noone would budge on the price. Everyone was stuck in the $30's. I finally got a plain and simple quote thru the internet from Fuller Honda in Chula Vista, CA (San Diego). Charles gave me a quote, I responded with the trade in price's and he confirmed with an email and we went down the next evening (Sat 6/18/05). He did the question and answers over the phone for the paperwork while we were driving down there from Fallbrook. We walked in the door at 8:30pm and we walked out the door at 9:20!!! This guy was amazing! The dealership was outstanding! No sharking, no nipping the wallet! No trying to be our best Friend! Quoted, and done! I was Very Impressed! Dealership up in Temecula called me today and asked how our shopping around was going and I told him the price I received and he almost choked! He said they could not have beat that price! LOL He said I stole it compared to the San Diego area pricing. Charles at Fuller Honda gets my very best raves!! :)
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Congrats! That's the way to do it. ;)
You will love this vehicle. :)
Congratulations on your new truck.
Thanks, I'm loving it already, obviously because I am ranting and raving all over this site about the looky loo's all day today on my first trip into work today and all day at work and on the way home.. LOL I can't wait to drive it tomorrow. I'm the first in Fallbrook to have this truck and proud of it! Thanks agai :) n!
Congrats and good luck on your truck! So long as you are happy with the price you got, that's all that matters. Enjoy the ride!
By the way, This is my first truck ever. I never really liked the way I jumped around in a truck. But this ride is amazing. Can't feel every bump, I don't feel as if I'm on a trampoline!
tnmkrieger said:
By the way, This is my first truck ever. I never really liked the way I jumped around in a truck. But this ride is amazing. Can't feel every bump, I don't feel as if I'm on a trampoline!

Abosolutley - This vehicle is a truck that drives like a luxury car! :)
Congratulations!! Enjoy the ride!!
3+ months and 11,456 miles and still can't wipe the grin off my face when I drive down the road.
What a great experience. Wouldn't it be nice if all car dealers could figure out a better way of processing their customers? Thanks to the internet, traditional car buying is gone forever (good riddance). I hope you enjoy your new Ridgeline as much as the rest of us are. This club clearly illustrates everybody's passion towards this vehicle.
welcome aboard................................... :D
way to go..................................... :cool:
Hard to say if that's a good deal, as I don't believe you mentioned the model. I also purchased by Ridgeline from Fuller Honda and had excellent luck with the process, specifically by starting out with multiple Internet generated dealer quotes.
tnmkrieger and Lifesaver1 -

Maybe I'll se you around town. I live in Scripps Ranch, work in San Marcos. I've yet to see more than two others in San Diego in the two months I've had my Black RTL.

Enjoy your trucks!
Livesaver1.... Got the RTS....Did you also deal with Charles over at Fuller? I'm not sure who else deals the internet sales.

EBone... Yeah I have only seen one other Ridge in San Diego and it was White. Before you know it they will be all over town. Still taking pride that I'm the first owner in Fallbrook and Bonsall though. (hmm, I'm pretty sure..LOL) If there are any Other drivers here, they are commiting ridge abuse by not driving her enough.

Still having fun with the looky loo's! :cool:
The sales rep I dealt with was William (Bill) Duron, the "Internet Sales Manager." He was the guy who responded to the emails. Very easy to deal with and very straightforward.

I saw my first Ridgeline other than my own today at the grocery store in Pacific Beach. Interesting as I recently drove to and from Las Vegas and all over Vegas (staying with a friend instead of in a casino) and never saw one single Ridgeline. Maybe that's why they're dealin' in San Diego!
I am a first time Honda owner I am so impressed with Honda and the dealership.I wanted a silver Rt they let me drive a black rts until mine came in.After I received my truck the next day after delievery the salesman,manager and owner all called me and thanked me for buying the vechile.Also,the owner left his phone number if I had any questions or needed anything.I should have learned owned a nissan 240sx and then went to american made.Oh well nothing but foreign vechiles for me for the rest of my lfe they are awesome and have great resale value
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