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Vibration coming from my steering cloumn

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A while back I remember a contributor talking about a vibration coming from their steering column. I have tried to find that thread as I believe he did find the locality. This is a small thing that's driving me nuts! Its very noticeable as lower speed limits of which there are plenty in my area. We have looked under the hood and from the floor up as far as hands can reach and don't seem to be finding anything loose that can be causing this. That means I will have to take it to the dealer and have them unwrap the dash or other parts to find this. Sigh...not happy about that as its a nasty distance.
I love the truck and have had no other issues. If the person that had this problem is still around could you please post the cause? Thanks much.
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I've noticed that too... but its a "feature" not an "issue".

From my experience it part of the lane keeping assist and lane departure warning safety suit. (at least on my truck).

When I disable these "features" the steering is glass smooth.
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Its not that vibration that comes from the lane assist. this is a noticeable constant noise coming from somewhere in or around the steering column. Thanks for your input!
Is it only noticeable when the AC is running? I had a vibration issue at low speeds and it turns out there was some sort of missing clip within the hvac system causing rubbing from underneath when the AC was running. I can't recall exactly what it was (paperwork is at home), but it was an easy fix however required the part to be ordered.
No ac , no heater, no fan running. It goes away when I turn up the music! I hear it going at slower speeds when there isn't a lot of road noise to cancel it.
I drive occasionally with nothing on (AC/Heater or music). I haven't noticed or heard anything unusual. It could be an issue for your truck alone (I don't recall reading about this in the group). I wonder if something got damaged.
Truck has 740 miles on it and noise was obvious in the first week. I kept thinking I would wait until the first oil change but it is really starting to annoy me. Guess I will set up an appointment and see if the dealer can figure it out. Dealership is an hour away and I have visions of sitting around for wasted hours! Oh well, it is what it is. still smiling about this truck.
You said it's a vibration, but your complaint seems to be more about sound. Can you feel the vibration as well?
Rest your finger along the line between the horn cover and steering wheel (covering the gap between the two along the top of the wheel where the arrow is).
When driving I can feel a vibration in the horn cover but not the wheel. Somewhere in there may be where your noise is coming from (I have no noise though).

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Thank you for the info. It is/was a sound. A friend said to adjust the steering wheel/column to see if that changed anything. HOORAY! I raised the steering wheel to the highest level and the noise has almost disappeared. I am thinking there may be a wire within the column that collapses against the inside frame of the housing when the column is in a lower position. I can live with this. Thanks to all who offered their input and suggestions.
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