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Since this covers both mods...hence new thread..etc.
..including rear view pan with FULL SIZE spare on front bed >:)

Foreword & disclaimer...(didn't realized the year setup was 2015 on the new dash cam..LOL )

I DO NOT drive like this 24/7 0:) ..this is a rare occasion for testing purpose...etc.
Excuse the camera works...Using a dash cam that takes clips instead of 1 single video so I have to do a patch job afterwards.

I would have mounted on the windshield for steadiness but then you guys wouldn't be able to see the dashboard in actions...:grin:>:)

How could you tell that I don't use nav in local known area..? ( the thing is in PAN mode whatever ) :nerd:
Also in the 2nd clip...the "Torque" program haven't fully link through BT yet ( discrepancy on the display vs dashboard )

Real speed ( phone torque app screen ) is actually a couple of km lower than speedometer indicates due to (255/55/18)

So...have fun ...and I don't want to hear anything related to crappy camera works....You try multi-tasking with 1 hand and be safe at same time and see.:grin:..Did this for you guys at ROC :wink: 0:)

@Guido156 , @plex, @Ridgeline84

Single digit weather today !! Brrrrr!! >:)

Check out the ECT actually runs a couple of degrees lower at times with the AEM intake ( 2:45-55 :grin: )
Thanks for taking the time to do that for us!!!!!
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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