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Vsa and ABS

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Hello. I recently had the VTM light come on. Diagnostic said it was a brake light switch. I put a new one in. After a 1/2 mile drive, the !triangle, VSA, and ABS lights all came on. Then the brakes started to activate while driving???
Is this all coincidence of the switch?? Or I have read it is something else...VSA modulator.
Any Help would be appreciated!!!
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How old is your battery? Are the terminals clean and tight?

The Ridgeline is very sensitive to low battery voltage, and unexplained dash lights is one symptom.

Chip H.
Battery is only a yr old. Terminals are clean. I actually disconnected them and cleaned them just to be sure.
Thanks for the reply.
You might go one step further and have the battery tested. I once chased a dash light issue for weeks (and spent hundreds of dollars based on dealer recommendations) before discovering that my less-than-one-year-old battery had a bad cell. Replaced the battery and all was good. It certainly could be other things as well, and odds are that it is, but it wouldn't hurt to have the battery itself checked.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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