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Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!

So, I've been rebuilding my heads on my '06 Ridgeline with 180K miles. About 4 months ago the tensioner failed leading to a timing belt break which bent some was a bad day!

Anyway, I have completed the head rebuild and have been waiting for a little warmer weather to throw her back together. So today I spent the day getting her done but when it came time to test compression (90% finished), the truck wont start due to a dead battery...yes, I forgot to disconnect the battery 4 months ago.

I swapped batteries with my wife's Pilot and NOT GOOD! Very strong arc/sparking at the terminal when connecting the battery cables. The VSA modulator/motor immediately kicked on and parking lights came on but thats all that would happen! No interior lights, dash lights, or ignition. Turning the key does nothing and the only way to get the VSA Mod and parking lights to turn off is by disconnecting the battery again.

Has anyone ever heard of this or have any suggestions for me?
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Not sure what a different battery would cause. You must have connected a wire wrong upon reassembly.

And when ever you do major or minor work to any vehicle: you disconnect the battery. .

With that said you may have shorted something out as you disconnected the engine harness.

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It could be a ground fault somewhere. When I rebuilt my 89 accord (back in 2003), I forgot to hookup and ground my injector control unit. Tons of cranking, and nothing. finally realized that the box was just hanging there and never grounded or hooked up.

I would say that you are missing some ground/live connections somewhere. Also, if you have an OBD code reader, check to see what code you are getting. It also could be that the system is not initiating a startup due to the ECU going into an immobilizer mode.
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