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VTM-4 Issue

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Hey Guys,

I have an 07 RTL with 148000 miles on it.

Over the past week or so, when I start it in the morning it seems a bit sluggish. Shortly after I begin to drive the VTM-4 light comes on. If I turn the vehicle off and startup again it goes away for a short period of time before reappearing.

Any suggestions? I have been reading and some people are saying it may be related to the O2 sensor?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Did you start by checking your VTM-4 fluid level? Have you ever changed the fluid??
Was your check engine light on also. Your VTM light will come on when the check engine light comes on. That does not mean there is a problem with the VTM. You have to find out what code is being displayed.
As Dnick said, ensure your fluid is fresh and properly filled. How has your maintenance on the fluid been? If it's a repeatable issue, I'd take it into a dealer and have the code read. It could be something as simple as a sensor or faulty ground. It's worth the money for the diagnostic check instead of just taking a stab in the dark at the true issue.
Long shot but, When my light stayed on it was a voltage issue. Had my battery tested, it tested bad. Replaced battery so far so good.
Just dealt with the issue last week on my 2006 RTS with 185,000 miles.

My truck acting as you described, sluggish--even stalling at times. Consuming gas at twice the normal rate.

I brought in to a mechanic who changed the plugs and reset codes. A day later light comes on again. I read on the forums here that the valves may need adjustment---the mechanic then looks it up and says it will cost me around $500 to do. I was sapped for cash because I just spent $3500 having my transmission rebuilt.

I waited a month but finally brought in Last eek. Mechanic said that 2-3 ignition coils were bad and the rest were about to go---so I had him replace them all--and then adjust valves...

My truck now runs great--BUT it cost me another $1000. I do hope this is the last issue for a while! I am trying to get at least another 2-3 years without a truck payment...

Sorry to bring the and news...
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Having to replace ignition coils is not something that comes up often, but shouldn't be too unexpected after 10 years on a vehicle. At least they are easy to fix....
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