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Wanted: Set of OEM 18" Ridgeline Wheels Tires -Cash or Trade other wheels/tires (PDX)

I am mainly using the Ridgeline to tow a camp trailer and I want to go to a stock set up. I will be removing my 20" American Racing "Black Crush" wheels/tires and would like to go to a stock 18" Ridgeline wheel and Michelin LTX tire.

I have 5 matching 20" wheels (1 is new in the box) and 4 of them have TPMS sensors. They also come with all 20 locking black lug nuts. The tires are 275/45/20 Toyo Proxes STII with about 5 to 6/32nds on each tire with very even tread. I have $2800 invested (probably worth less than half that nowadays?).

I also have my stock 17" RTL alloy wheels with the original Michelin LTX tires at 7/32nds with approximately 40,000 miles on them. Also have the TPMS sensors and stock lug nuts.

The tire choices for an "All Terrain" tire forces me to move to the stock size unfortunately. But the 2009 and newer Ridgeline 18" size is a good compromise. I would love to get a set of the Sport or SE wheels :)

Anyway, that's my story.
Does anyone have a set of stock 18" wheels and tires to either sell or trade me?

Much appreciated,
Please message me here or you can text me at 5O3-4O6-8284 (Google Voice). I am located in the Clackamas area and have all space and tools needed to make a trade (I use to work for Honda).

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