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So - I had a rust spot form this spring on the bottom of my rear quarter (between the wheel arch and the door). I took the bed part and looked through the holes; I could definitely see some rust down towards the bottom.

This isn't an easy thing to repair; it basically requires cutting out part of the panel. So - I figured let's clean it up as best as possible, paint it, and then spray a bunch of fluid film in the cavity. No more than a week later and it has already bubbled through; not super surprising as this was more of a "patch" than a "fix".
When I popped the paint bubble - there was some water inside. We had some rain late last week and I washed it a couple times this weekend. I suspect water pools up in there, sits, and rusts the metal.

So - I've got two questions:
1. How does the water get there?
2. How does it drain out?

While I had the bed apart, I noticed that the roof appears to be designed such that the water in the roof channels will run down along the sail. Perhaps it is running along the inside of the box and trickling down into the quarter, collecting at the bottom.

But - this is just a guess and not something I really want to try because of question #2: once water is in there, how does it drain out? I can't seem to figure it out.

Photo of the area in question:
(I've already popped the paint bubbles; it is the white spec near the bottom left. But location of the bubbles is probably a moot point.)

I did some more looking around and - on the drivers side - found what seems to be a drain for this portion of the quarter panel. On the passengers side (where I have the rust problem) the metal along the bottom of the rocker was bent in (compare the first pic with the following). I bent it back out and found a decent amount of crud in there. Probably not enough to cause water to back up, but perhaps enough to hold moisture?

Towards the center of the area I bent down, there appears to be a small gap between the metal panels that I presume do be a drain. I've circled it in red.
Can someone confirm?

If this is the case - I may just spray fluid film (with the 360 wand) until I see it drip out of the drain.
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