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They make adapters if all you want to do is put a larger bottle in the standard cupholder (, but you said you want to stow away from the cupholders.

Do the bottles need to be within reach? If not, grab a little 5gal tote (Project Source Commander Small 5-Gallon (20-Quart) Black and Yellow Heavy Duty Tote with Standard Snap Lid in the Plastic Storage Containers department at, and stow it under the back seat.

If it should be in reach, here's what I do. This is not RL specific (which is a plus for me so it can go from vehicle to vehicle), and it's probably not for everyone, but when I'm on a road trip, I like to use a "MOLLE" compatible seat back organizer. This isn't the one I have, but it's similar, and this one looks like it even has an option that comes with several pouches, including one for a water bottle:

I have one for both front seats and keep a pouch within reach for a water bottle on each side. I put a first aid kit on one and the other has a pouch with my little mirrorless camera and accessories. I also keep some various other things handy like a flashlight, mini umbrella, etc. I'm not sure, but you could probably secure a small fire extinguisher on one?
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