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WeatherTech mat cleaning tips

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Love the WeatherTech mats I bought 5-years-ago for my daily driver Ridgeline. I've got a couple of WeatherTech mat detailing tips I've come up with I'd like to share, sorry if someone else has already thought of these.

#1 I find that removing the WT mats from my truck creates a lot of static electricity, the static charge causes a lot of the grass clippings and lighter debris on the WT mat to jump up and cling to the lower half of the dashboard. So, when I'm done drying off my truck, I drape the wet towel across the WT mat before I remove it, the damp towel dissipates nearly all of the static charge and the mat comes out without getting the bottom of my dash dirty. :)

#2 I've tried a lot of cleaners (dish soap, Simple Green, 409, Comet, etc.) and techniques, but my 5-year-old grey WT mats retain a brown stain from years of use. Today I tried Black Magic Bleche-White tire cleaner and a stiff bristle brush. Spray the dry mats with the Bleche-White, let it sit for a minute or so, then use light to medium pressure with a stiff bristle brush to scrub (don't push down hard and make the bristles bend, you want the tips of the bristles to do all the work). Scrub, rinse and the my grey mats are back to their original grey! :)

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Does that product make the WT's slippery? I once used a tire shine on the WT liners and they were really slippery afterwards.
Does that product make the WT's slippery? I once used a tire shine on the WT liners and they were really slippery afterwards.
Bleche-White is a strong cleaner for whitewall tires, it does not leave any coating or residue to make things shiny.
I use a interior leather vinyl cleaner on mats 303 or Griot's Garage Interior Cleaner. Once dry I treat with 303 Aerospace Protectant and wipe it off not slippery. I use the 303 Aerospace Protectant on leather seats and leather on steering wheel dash. My black mats in my Acura 3.2 TL are 17yrs old I have the old fashion Weather Tech Deep Groove in the back. I have the an all weather Acura kind up front. I have the full size trunk tray. The car came with carpet mats. I had Weather Tech Deep Groove for my sisters 1993 Dodge Caravan and my 1994 Accord when new vehicles were only purchased new a few weeks apart. Also had weather tech truck mat for Accord.
94 Accord was traded for new 2000 TL put carpeted original set back in Accord removed weather tech trunk tray that was over top accessory carpeted Accord logo trunk mat. It was stained with red mark that never came out.
Weather Tech trunk liner from 94 Accord went into 00 Acura TL until I purchased the Acura trunk mat like weather tech tray mats. Accord front weather tech mats went into tailgate end of 93 Dodge Caravan sideways.
Sister got great aunt's 89 Buick LeSabre it had 50,000 miles and was just 10yrs old. Deep groove front set that I purchased for Acura went into that with weather tech trunk mat from 94 Accord.
93 Caravan was wrecked and totaled I took best all rear seat mats out of it before insurance junked it at tow yard. 89 Buick got one of the rear weather tech mat sets from 93 Caravan. Sister got 2007 Ridgeline I never purchased weather tech mats for it. I did purchase heavy weight bed mat and Ridgeline rear under seat tray. In 2008 my sister mother and myself purchased new 2009 Ford Focus for my nephew. He was driving old Buick that was 19yrs old then. We sold car to junk yard for a few hundred dollars when they came to pick it up. It was still running but old age few engine leaks time to go get it off insurance. I told nephew to get weather tech mats and trunk mat out of car before towed away. So weather tech trunk mat from 94 Accord is in 2009 Focus along with a rear deep groove mats from 94 Accord. They are almost 23yrs old now. The front deep groove weather techs in Focus are beat up at 17yrs old out of 2000 Acura. I never got around to getting a new set for Focus. The 17year old deep groove set in the 2000 Acura look brand new.
Nobody rides in back of car anymore and I always used 303Aerospace Protectant on them.
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