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2007 RTL Steel Blue
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Scratching my head. 07 RTL with Auto Climate Control. On manual mode, NOT the A/C button and the A/C blows ice cold. The next day, the A/C is not blowing as cold, and the air from the vent has that smell that you get when you turn the A/C off and the evaporator is warming to ambient temp. Hmm, 13 years, 150k miles...must be low on refrigerant, or so I thought.

With engine running, A/C on, the compressor clutch is engaged and compressor is spinning non-stop. I touch the low side line and it's slightly cooler than ambient temp, not ice cold and sweating like I would have expected.

Back inside the truck, I turn the dial to full heat, wait until air at the vent gets hot, then turn to full cold. Air at the vent is now ice cold as is the low pressure line under the hood. Guess it's time for an air mix motor, or blend door motor.

I had no idea that the air mix could change the physical operation of the A/C. I've always been under the impression that when the A/C compressor is spinning and the system is fully charged, the high/low pressure lines under the hood should be hot or cold regardless of what's happening inside the car. Mind blown lol!
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