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What are the black rubber plugs for???

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When my wife picked up my Ridgeline yesterday in among all of the manuals, leaflets and baggies were two oval black rubberplugs. They are approximately 2" x 1-3/8" with a 3/8" thick sealing ridge.

Anybody got an idea what they are for???


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Congratulations on your great purchase and joining the ROC.

I found six of those in my glove box. Going to look today for their correct install locations while I install my chrome nerf side bars.

Check post #26 & #27 here:

for more info.
Nope, my pic shows the Black Rubber grommet except for some reason the black is white and has a blue background. But, the shape is very distinct, only it is white, not black. Must be the lighting iono?
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