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What have you hauled lately?

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*** POST your pics of hauling and/or towing ***

Just thought it would be fun to see the various uses of the G2 Ridgeline's versatility in hauling stuff in the bed and/or towing... I've seen a number of pics in various threads but thought it would be good to put all into one thread.

This was mine over the weekend hauling musical instrument/PA gear for a gig on Saturday night, with room in the front and back seats for my wife and 22 yr old son to help "roadie"... I found that it can haul as much gear as my 2005 Chevy Avalanche did with the RL's back seat flip up and in bed trunk.

Guitars, Amp head in roadcase, 3 level toolbox with cables and gear, 18" powered subwoofer, (2x) 12" powered speakers, Effects rack, Mixer, 4x12 speaker cab (backseat area), various mic/speaker stands, etc.

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5000lbs maxed with no trailer brake controller (not sure if the U-Haul is automatic).

160 mile round trip in San Antonio, TX to get my VIN inspection for my imported Subaru. I left with a full tank and I got 14.9 lowest to 15.5ish highest according to trip. I didn’t gas up afterwards to get true figures.

I was so nervous since it’s my first time hauling in this truck but it pulled way better than my Gladiator (37 wheels though and tons of extra weight).


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I had an ‘11 and an ‘18 WRX. Sweet cars. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen one not for the American market though. Is it JDM? What year?
Yes… RHD jdm. 1997 Subaru Impreza Sti. I just imported it in August 2022. Received mid November.

In order to register/title in Texas, I needed the import paperwork, Japanese title/translation, invoice, vehicle inspection, and vin inspection (had to be done by law enforcement). I got the car for really dirt cheap and I plan to sell before summer since I’m getting a 1998 R34 Skyline.
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