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What have you hauled lately?

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*** POST your pics of hauling and/or towing ***

Just thought it would be fun to see the various uses of the G2 Ridgeline's versatility in hauling stuff in the bed and/or towing... I've seen a number of pics in various threads but thought it would be good to put all into one thread.

This was mine over the weekend hauling musical instrument/PA gear for a gig on Saturday night, with room in the front and back seats for my wife and 22 yr old son to help "roadie"... I found that it can haul as much gear as my 2005 Chevy Avalanche did with the RL's back seat flip up and in bed trunk.

Guitars, Amp head in roadcase, 3 level toolbox with cables and gear, 18" powered subwoofer, (2x) 12" powered speakers, Effects rack, Mixer, 4x12 speaker cab (backseat area), various mic/speaker stands, etc.

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My 1994 Kubota L2900 with front-loader and box grader on my tandem axle trailer... I may be a few pounds over the rates 5,000 but it goes like a dream.
Very nice indeed. Your trailer might be 1500-1800# and the tractor is likely under 3000#. I would think you are not over 5000# but the only way to tell is to weigh it.
Hauled a 80" x 66", 175lb custom-built barn door for the new house from NC to DC last weekend. She never wavered a bit.
Wow, I'd like to see the barn that goes with that door.
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Breaking in the new ‘17 RTL-E with a couple of light hauls.
Nice trailer, what model is it?
I've been hauling around Bella, a Belgian Malinois, for the last couple of days and for the next eight days
Dog Canidae Police dog Vehicle Car
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Here is a pic of the latest grass killing perp, around the time of the install.
View attachment 399056
What a great shot of that little Lab pup. He looks like he is looking for opportunities to get into trouble. Any current photos you can share?
There is something about Labs that really attract me. Probably because I spent the first 12 years of my life with one. My brother has not been without a Lab his whole life with the exceptions of his two combat tours in Vietnam.
HaulGauge | Towing with Tech - Know What You Tow - it's an OBD2 scanner thing that estimates your vehicle weight, payload, tongue weight based on either angle change while loading (tongue weight or payload) or the torque converter slip while accelerating (giving an overall vehicle/vehicle+trailer weight), all shown on an app on your phone.
Very interesting. Some of this technology is just a little too far advanced for this Luddite to accept. But, to be fair, just 'cause I don't understand it doesn't me it doesn't work.
My daughter moved from Wisconsin to Omaha…
A new UW grad?
Actually no, though my other daughter did graduate from UW and is now a grad student in Psychology at the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. One brother graduated from UW, and the other from U of Minnesota.

This daughter is a vet tech who did her studies in Denver. She is planning on going to nursing school here next year.
Both of my parents were UW graduates back when the teacher’s colleges were called normal school.
Need to haul some more tree branches in to recycle this week.
How about renting a chipper and using the chips for mulch?
5000lbs maxed with no trailer brake controller (not sure if the U-Haul is automatic).
U-Haul trailers have surge brakes. Makes it tough to back up hills.
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