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What is this engine sound!?!?

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Link is here to you tube where I posted the video with sound.

Please someone help me! Just changed timing belt thinking maybe a tensioner gone or bad but still making the sound. Its very loud right at transmission side when listening inside driver wheel well.
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I am going to take a wild guess, since you mentioned it is loudest at the transmission. Is the car all the way into park? Almost sounds like the parking pall is dragging in the transmission. Shift into all gears while idling and then back to park. You could also rev the engine in neutral to see if you get the same noise.

I would also check the serpentine belt and maybe remove it to determine if the noise still persists or not.

I don't believe it is a tensioner noise. All the tensioners I have replaced in the past didn't sound anything like the noise you have.

Best of luck..
It will make the noise in park or neutral. Also strange how it only will make it if it's revved, won't make it if u just raise RPM and hold it steady. It's so strange and it's driving me nuts. Truck still holds fine also in park.
Already ruled out anything running off serpentine belt too, or timing belt area. Replaced and tested engine with it all off and still makes noise from transmission side.
Sometimes sound travels and it sounds like it is occurring in an area but it is actually coming from somewhere else. I haven't yet had to replace my timing belt, so I'm not familiar with the procedure on the Ridgeline, so at this point all I can offer are suggestions that may or may not be applicable:

I would suggest you review your R&R procedures to determine what you did. There is a possibility the timing covers are rubbing on the cam gears when you are revving the engine. I am sure you had to remove these, so I would check them.

Did you have to remove any engine mounts - if so - I would check these as well.

Check down at the crankshaft area while it is running and have someone rev the engine. I believe you had to remove the crankshaft pulley - check for proper installation.

Was it necessary to remove the starter - again - if so - check it for improper installation.

Lastly, it may be necessary to get either a mechanics stethoscope or a long screwdriver and use it as a hearing tool to isolate the problem. I remember a couple of years ago I had just rebuilt the V12 engine in my BMW850i and had the transmission serviced before putting the drivetrain back in the car. After installation there was this terrible noise emanating from the car. I used a mechanics stethoscope to isolate the issue and it was coming from the front of the transmission. After transmission removal I found I couldn't remove the torque converter. After a little persuasion, I got it off and found the problem. The front pump bearing race had fuzed itself to the torque converter snout. Unfortunately, this happened again before I was able to fix it correctly ( this is why I don't like other "professionals" to touch my cars.

Best of luck!
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Definitely sounds like metal hitting plastic. If I had to venture a guess, your timing covers are not on correctly.
Take a minute and remove the serpentine belt. Now you can safely place your hand on all three covers while someone is revving the engine for you.

The other thing that came to mind was the inner fender liner getting sucked against the crank pulley. While you are there make sure you check the torque on the crank bolt.

GOOD LUCK... be sure to let us know once you find it.
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