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Back in early 2010 I had to start looking for a vehicle as my '08 Accord (lease) was way over 53,000mi in 22 months.
The choice was between a Toyota FJ Cruiser, Subaru Outback and the Ridgeline. After bad experience with two dealerships, I almost wrote off the Ridgeline. I use to camp with my friend a lot and he bought his CRV and his dad worked at a Honda Dealership that sold me the '08 Accord. He told me about the Ridgeline and talking to one of his friends who had a '09 Ridgeline, I was sold on it.

I have many memories of camping, road trips and visiting new places with the Ridgeline. So you could say that it was just by pure luck I decided on the Ridgeline as I was really sold on the Outback.

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My 9yr old Pilot was starting to hurt the pocket book with a few major expenses coming up. Trade in value was a lot more south of 200K vs north of that mileage. I started doing research back in May of 2018 off and on and settled on a midsized pickup. I've had Ram 1500's and didn't need the size or MPG that goes with it. I did a lot of reading and joined up on the ROC forum in December to start asking questions. Did the same with Toyota and Ford. The more I researched, the more I liked what the RL offered. Got to the point in April that I pulled the trigger on a RL. Never looked back. No regrets

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In a 2 vehicle family, over the years I've found it handy to have a truck in the corral. Whether it be trips to the garden center, lumber yard or dump. My last 2 pickups were a Ram 50 (aka Mitsubishi) and Ranger XLT 4x4. The AC dying in my 24 y/o Ranger with 165,000 km was an indication that it might be time for a newer vehicle. A work opportunity presented itself that required driving 100 km north into a snow belt on an accident prone highway was the deciding factor in getting something newer that was safer.

A family member was selling a low mileage Ram 1500 4x4. I took it around the block once and it felt like I was driving a big MAC truck. I didn't like it. I liked the looks of the Ford Explorer Sport Trac and the Ridgeline while still liking the Ranger. I was prepared to get one of the three. The first RL I looked at, I liked the features - in bed trunk, rear seats that fold up giving space for the dogs and a tow capacity big enough to tow my camper. The guy never showed for me to test drive. 2 more out of town refused to bring it to a garage for a CAA inspection that I was paying for.

The 4th one I looked at, I got to test drive and liked it. So did the Mrs. The owner brought it to a CAA garage for an inspection with a $100 deposit. A couple of days later it was mine. Somewhere in all of that I had checked the reviews, this forum and Consumers Reports all looked favourable. Considering my RL is bigger than my previous Ram 50 and Ranger, I think it's a truck. Big enough for my needs and small enough that people don't ask me to move them. At my age, I no longer care what other people think.

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To say it was an impulse buy fueled by contempt for other truck manufacturers would be pretty close to the truth.

I've owned Honda's as long as I can remember, in fact, my first vehicle I purchased was a 1987 Honda CRX. Not the cool Si model, no no... the DX with the automatic transmission and a whopping 87HP. A real screamer... but door stop reliable. Over the years, I have owned Fords, Chevys and Dodges, but always came back to Honda when the others failed or no longer suited the needs of my family.

I was sitting in the dealer service lounge one day and struck up a conversation with a guy having his Ridgeline serviced. We talked about our vehicles (mine was a Civic Si) at the time and I kept thinking how cool this Ridgeline sounded. The practicality, Honda reliability and versatility among other characteristics led me to discuss purchasing a 2014 SE with the dealer later that year.

Once purchased, I loved the truck but absolutely abhorred it's ability to get out of its own way coming from a Civic Si. The technology in the 2014 model was absolutely awful. No bluetooth audio aside from phone calls, and auxiliary jack for audio and the Fisher Price buttons everywhere. I had a few fit and finish issues (headliner, leaking a/c condenser, window regulators, etc..) and ultimately sold the truck to the dealer for a few hundred more than I paid and picked up the first of two Accord coupe V6's.

Now that I am older, maybe a bit wiser, and having recently purchased a 2019 Pilot EX-L AWD for my wife, I am giving the Ridgeline a second look. The fit / finish seems to have greatly improved, the technology available is on par with the rest of their lineup and the overall package has greatly improved.

We will see what the future holds, but if I pick up a 2019 it will be the last vehicle I purchase for quite some time.

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We had a 2003 Dodge Dakota with 97k on it and was just getting harder to maintain. We only drive for local use so we were looking for a good used replacement. I keep looking for a good used mid-size model. I liked the Frontier as an option or newer Dakota. Once I got a good look at Ridgeline I was hooked. The extra storage area with bed trunk and the rear sets up space was biggest sell. The flat rear bed and that 48鈥 wide stuff fits and lot of tie down points. I found that Honda owner looked to maintain there Ridgeline based on Carfax I read. Ours was well maintained with 35 documented services for oil and scheduled maintenance. It was hard to find one that had lot of body rust. We ended up with 2008 RTL 123K that as all options navigation, sunroof, rack and bed extender. Great ride, view height and feels like a full size truck cab. I鈥檓 sure we will have issues but at least it can be fixed unlike the Dakota where you had to rely more on 3rd party parts. My wife is out and about more feeling it鈥檚 a dependable ride.

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Three things:

1. I didn't want to drive and ride around all day in a vehicle that felt like a truck. I work in outside sales and need the access and ability a bed can give me from time to time but I don't really do that much hauling or any towing. I want the best driving experience I can have in a truck.

2. I'm the one that drives us around everywhere for everything, groceries, shopping, etc. I wanted the trunk to make that experience easier.

3. I want it to last. I figure with just regular maintenance this vehicle should last me well over 300,000k easy.

The flip up back seat are a bonus.

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Needed a Truck... New projects
Bought a Ford F150 Super Cab traded in a Fiat Pop 500
Totaled the Ford Paint Van smacked me in the Door doing 35-40 (Thankyou Ford If I had the Fiat still it would've killed me or in the hospital)
Decided I didn't need 13-14 mpg and so much truck to haul project wood or other things a homeowner needs to haul
So I looked into the Ridgeline I had always been curious...But the prices for a 1st Gen were over $9000 for something with 150,000 or more...
But still what I read about owners getting 150,000-300,000 miles out of them intrigued me.. Because I plan on this being my last ride :) or not lol
Well anyway, I was looking for a smaller truck $14,000 or less... I looked at Nissan Frontiers...Chev-GMC Canyons-Colorado's... smaller trucks

My 06 Ridgeline popped up with 69,000 miles and $12995, I couldn't get there fast enough :)
Happy camper Now... is it perfect "No" it get's 15.5-16.5 mpg in town.. It is better than the F150 w/ Std.V6
When I carry any 8ft wood trim I put in into the cab through the auto slider... Works great... 16ft pieces I had to carry was tougher..over the top tied in the bed and roof racks... anything over 35mph the board wanted to left up LOL
Thankfully, I don't haul wood a lot, my truck is more Of a commuter than a hauler and that is why I bought it.

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My wife and I prefer 4-door vehicles and neither of us really like SUVs, so we have purchased numerous sedans over the past few decades. two Accords, a Maxima, two Audi A4s and a Volvo v70 station wagon.

My last Audi was beginning to have small issues and transporting photography gear and home project materials meant the back seat was folded down for extra trunk room as much as I had it up. I had a good friend with a Ford pickup and we often swapped vehicles when I needed the utility of his truck and he had fun driving my 6-speed manual trans, Quattro, turbo Audi. I considered buying a reliable used pickup to have on hand for when I needed one, but the thought of parking a truck in the already tight driveway and maintaining a third vehicle didn't appeal to me. About that time I happened to ride in a Ford Sport-Track and an Avalanche within a few weeks of each other and that made me consider a less traditional pick-up truck as a daily driver.

I started looking at pickup trucks and was blown away when I checked out the Honda Ridgeline. Nothing else on the market came close to the ride and refinement of the Ridgeline. It's no Audi, but it's about as close as you can get and still have a truck bed. Our two Accords had been the most reliable vehicles we had ever owned, so that made it a slam dunk, I traded my A4 for a white/grey 2012 RTL. (Boy, do those Audis depreciate, the Maxima and Volvo weren't much better.)

We discovered how comfortable the RTL was for road trips and with the trunk, a BakFlip locking cover and tailgate lock the storage was unbeatable.

A few years after buying the G1 Ridgeline the wife's Volvo v70 started indicating a problem with the driver's seat airbag. Only the dealer could reset the warning light and they were unwilling to guarantee that replacing the $1,200 airbag would correct the problem, after the third trip to the dealership (140-miles roundtrip) we decided to look at the new Accords since we liked the G1 Ridgeline so much. We traded in that day for a 2016 V6 Accord Touring.

In 2018 I was back at the Honda dealership having the Accord serviced and was looking at a G2 Ridgeline in the showroom. A salesman started talking to me and I told him I planned to trade my G1 for a G2 in a few years, he remembered how clean and new my Ridgeline looked the last time I had it in and offered $20k trade-in and 'invoice' price on a 2018 RTL-E. A few days later we closed the deal and while I do miss a few features on my G1, we like the G2 much better.

Pretty sure we'll be buying another Honda next time around.

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1) truthfully, a minivan can do 90+% of what a Ridgeline does and actually does some things better, but the occasional awkward size or gross item, or hauling something that is also propelled with gas is better served by a truck . . . So I wanted a truck.

2) I am a driving enthusiast, so on road driving Dynamics matter to me, even in a utilitarian vehicle. Ridgeline is best in that regard.

3) i am NFL offensive lineman size and height, the Ridgeline interior space in front seats is better than any other midsize truck and is at least as good as the ram 1500 and f150, tundra is better, but tundra is 14 years old.

4) I require some degree of open air experience, Ridgeline offers a factory sunroof at a lower price point than any other truck.

5) I have a large family and dogs, so 4 doors are also required. The ranger and Ridgeline are the only 2 trucks in 4 door configuration that will fit in my garage.

6) wife won't drive a full size truck, although she rarely will drive the Ridgeline, I have a few toy vehicles that she also won't drive, so adding another vehicle that only I will drive reduces the flexibility that adding a vehicle to the fleet would otherwise afford.

7) I don't trust the longevity of turbos, and the Ridgeline is still powered by a nice naturally aspirated v6.

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I had a Tacoma 10 years ago and mostly loved it. We left our home in a rugged and remote river valley and moved to a more town-based location so I sold it. I do a fair bit of woodworking, and intended to get a "beater" that could take a lumber rack, but actually between deliveries and my Element, I've been able to procrastinate this purchase for quite a while. I started amping up the search though, and was really disappointed to look at the current "midsize" options. The only Ridgelines I was aware of were the G1s and I am one of those people who just can't enjoy their look. I want to say I don't care what my vehicle looks like, but, I guess I do. Meanwhile, the Element is getting pretty long in the tooth (210k miles, with lots of weird little things going wrong) so I started to think about replacing it with not just an around-town beater, but something useful for virtually all of my needs including reliability on road trips.

Anyway, reading comparisons between Frontier and Canyon and Tacoma, etc, they kept mentioning the Ridgeline. I started to look into them and yep, that is what I need.

Actively in the market at the moment, dealing with a bunch of dealers.

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I bought a new 1996 Taco Xtracab 4x4 3.4L V6 with the 5 speed manual back in the day. After a couple years, I realized it was getting too small for the family, so I bought a new 1998 T100 SR5 Xtracab (can't remember all those designations), 4x4 with the automatic tranny and 3.4L V6. I sold the Taco shortly after buying the T100.

Both Toyota trucks were great, although the T100 needed a new rear axle seal shortly after the warranty expired. I had also converted it from auto-hubs to manual hubs and had a nice set of factory Aisin hubs on the front.

While I really liked the T100, I began to see some serious limitations of the T100 as a family truck as the kids got older. The back seat had no head rests and the kids heads would be against the back glass as they grew... so a real safety issue came to light.

That issue resolved itself when I was sandwiched in a rear end collision and the T100 was totaled with 125,000 miles on the clock in August 2008. It was cherry too... except for a dinged tailgate I damaged during a stupid moment of backing it up with the tailgate down.

So I began shopping for a replacement vehicle back in September 2008. I seriously considered a Toyoto Camry with a manual tranny, the Accord, a van, and the Ridgeline. I'd long had the RL in mind, but thought about driving something other than a truck since my last 2 vehicles had been trucks.

After test driving vans and sedans, I was test driving a Camry one day and it suddenly dawned on me I didn't like riding down the road looking up at other vehicles. So the decision was made that another truck was in my future.

I first considered buying a good used Ridgeline... but the vehicle was only about 2 years old, so they still commanded a pretty high price on the used market. About that time, new cars/trucks weren't selling and cash for clunkers was going on. Honda introduced some serious incentive cash ($4500), and with the stale market, I was able to buy a new RTS (2008) for less than I could buy a used one. I paid $22,800 for an RTS that listed for $31,060. Still have the sticker for it too.

The Ridgeline now has 116,000 miles on it and still drives like new. I keep it well maintained and garaged and don't expect to shop for another vehicle in the foreseeable future unless we decide to replace my wife's 2006 Pilot with 160,000 miles on it... which also runs and drives like new.

Sure, both vehicles show their age with some parking lot dings and interior wear... and lack of electronic gizmos. But maybe that lack is also a positive... less to go wrong. And both vehicles are pretty easy to work on too, unlike the crowded engine compartment of the G2 Ridgeline.

My wife does have her eye on the new Honda Passport though. If we replace the Pilot with the Passport, I sure hope it doesn't have VCM. That remains a pet peeve on my list of things I detest.

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1) Never had a new vehicle, but always had a used, 'small' truck as a third vehicle that could also haul stuff.
2) Had a snowstorm that left us more or less stranded for 3 days. Where we live in VA, they do not plow side streets!
3) The truck I had at the time, a 2009 Tacoma (the deluxe 4cyl, 2WD model, with roll-up windows, that I loved to flog), in addition to being helpless in the snow, could no longer hold all the gear we used for our target shooting trips, nor could I trust driving it anywhere off-road to get to where we shoot.
4) Started to consider buying a 4WD Tacoma or Colorado (never needed a full size truck, just too big and trucky).
5) Kept seeing Ridgelines popping up in the mid-size truck comparisons - Honda making Ridgelines again? At least the new one is not as quirky looking as the old one (lol).
6) Started looking into RLs - liked the locking in-bed trunk, composite bed, 2-way gate, AWD, torque vectoring ... and most of the rest!
7) Went to a local auto show - loved the roomy interior, did a mental calculation on how much gear it could hold, and started to get excited about having a truck that could haul sheet plywood flat between wheel wells (ok, I might have gone over the edge by now). P.S. Hated the new Tacoma interior - more cramped than my 2009 'deluxe' model!
8) Went to local dealer for a test drive, followed by negotiations. Probably should have test driven a Colorado...but then again why? Next snowstorm could be right around the corner.
9) The dealer didn't have any base models with roll-up windows - so I bought an RTL-E instead (being sarcastic - this was the one time I wasn't going to be a bottom-feeder).
10) So now I'm spoiled - my daily driver is now my RL, which is also my truck.
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