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What part of the country do you live in?

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Okay I'm curious as to where everyone lives. I'm in sunny Las Vegas NV. :)
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In the 'burbs!!
45 miles South of Cleveland in beautiful Brecksville, Ohio.
San Diego CA
The city on the lake, Little Elm, Texas.
Western Massachusetts

Home of the World Champion Boston Red Sox
Home of the World Champion New England Patriots
Central PA, near the town of "State College" and the main campus of Penn State.

Actually, I think that it would be helpful, for those that care to do so, to list your hometown or general location in your user profile. There may be things that members have in common. It also could encourage formal and informal ROC meets. :)
:cool: Mesa (Phoenix), Arizona :cool:
Ridge, Long Island New York
Miami, Florida. Land of the Hurricanes!
Mesa Arizona.
Two Silver Ridglines in Mesa? Hope I don't get in the wrong truck!!! :D
Delrio said:
Two Silver Ridglines in Mesa? Hope I don't get in the wrong truck!!! :D
And the best color if I may be so bold to add!! :D
Cornville, AZ (near Sedona.....), 2 hours north of Phoenix.... :p
Eastern, MA home of the world...wait that was already handled ;).
The "Piney Woods" of Eastern Texas (35 miles north of Tyler, Tx.).
On the Gulf of Mexico side of Florida between St Pete and Sarasota
1 - 20 of 140 Posts
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