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Just as the title says, what products do you all wish to see released for the Ridgeline and/or what do you want to see more of? We have more unique products coming out very soon but would like to know what the community is looking for specifically.

Let's put our heads together and create something cool!

Automotive parking light Automotive tail & brake light Grille White Hood
Toolbox Grille Automotive tail & brake light Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

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I don't think you are looking for this type of hack accessories. But maybe someone can run with them.
  • Window Buffeting Fin for rear passenger windows
  • Cup Holder inserts with spring adjusters
  • Black exhaust tip slip-ons
  • Seat rail extenders
  • Magnetic backup camera lens Prism-mirror, to use the camera while the gate is down (silly they didn't put the camera off the gate)
  • A-Pillar programmable OBD gauge displays
  • Specifically cut and side mount Pos/Neg battery terminal breakout extenders.
  • A cleaner rear view mirror power to 2 USB breakouts.
  • Specifically cut, temporary right side tailgate reinforcement strap. Attach to upper rear tiedown to gate, for load with a ramp
  • Hood struts
  • Some damn decent looking fender flares rather than the ugly HPD garbage
  • Custom fit lift out divider baskets that fit the trunk. Maybe three perfectly molded lift out buckets. And could be divided coolers for tailgaters. Tool or car wash supplies or Shopping Organizers.
  • omg a better jack that fits in the same space. What crap has the world come to in jacks these days.
  • Replacement shift controls. So many better ideas. But now we are getting into unique things that wont sell well.

  • One bonus: Bed cover flip up projector screen (this one is iffy, but great to add with the bed sound system. Tailgating or glamping movie night.
Great list Nervey. Several items on there are within our ballpark and we will explore them.

Grille guard, we need driving lights.
Are you talking about the full brush guards? I know there are at least two companies making the low bull bars for the 17-22's but not sure if there is a full guard for the Gen 2.5's.

Bed rail tie down system like the Tacoma has, or the one @CentexG2 designed for the RL.
I've seen his, very nicely done. A one stop setup would be ideal and something worth looking into, thank you.

Functional damper for tailgate. It can be done. Every Ridgeline owner would buy it.
I like this, need to figure out the logistics of it all with the dual open tailgate but yeah, I'm sure it would be popular. Thank you.

A gear display that would show the current gear, even if you’re just in D.
Haven't seen this complaint, so you are looking for like a mini LCD screen?

You’re not going to like this.

An alternate low profile headache rack that doesn’t obscure the OEM high brake light and has rear window access and built in base that works with at least the OEM cover without raising it up above the roofline. Plus optional standard oval high brake lights, ideally alternative mounts for one on each side or two on each side for people who want work lights or warning lights.

Basically, a Ridgeline optimized version of this Backrack:
Unfortunately we can't do anything further with our current line up, but it is something to consider for the future if there is enough interest for sure. Magnum makes a nicer version what you are looking for but nothing for the Ridgeline.

I have attached an image from our Ridgeline to show how little the view is compromised with the rack installed and even with the aftermarket brackets we added on. We usually have tools laid across there too but can see quite well. Third brake light was a concern but after driving behind it with different vehicles you can see it light up day/night. Rear window access hasn't really been much of a concern since those with the rear window can still reach through or put items through it without trouble - We hear you though.

Automotive mirror Automotive lighting Window Motor vehicle Automotive design

A front, center parking sensor or camera.
For offroading or just daily driving? Just curious.

Roof rack that is lightweight and bolts into the holes hiding under the channels with t slots
Pretty sure the Ridgeline store is selling something like that now ?

I'd like to see some side racks, that would hold 2x's. Like if you wanted to add some 2x10s or 2x12s to make the bed taller, for hauling light bulky loads...
Any examples with pictures? This sounds interesting/fun.

1. Some cross bar/ guard, that can easily be taken off, to put on the roof rails for when you are picking up long items like 2 by 4s. It would go as far back as possible to protect the roof and can be used as a tie down. I realize a back rack does this, but a lof people don't want the rack, but have a need for this when hauling lumber or whatever.

2. The ability to put a platform or basket above the cover like the Bak Revolver, but not as high as the roof line, mid height. With the ability to put a full sized spare, or whatever, but removable when not needed. Could be track system with towers or something else.

These 2 things would open the door for so much more functionality.

I agree with the tie down tracks for inside the bed, but I already have them, there is a thread on here with the how to that works really well, and I use it all the time.
1) Also would like to see an example if you find one?
2) Working on this right now (shh)

An over bed rack compatible with the OEM tonneau would be great.
Working on this currently (shh).

The Ridgeline Store had a manufacturer for a slide-out mounting tray that made it easier to store and access tools when the doughnut spare was replaced with a full-sized spare mounted elsewhere. They no longer offer it and report the manufacturer is no longer interested. I put either a Zamp solar panel in there or both a fire pan and Partner Steel stove when camping and could use such a tray for those and other purposes.

I've seen it, pretty sure that was NoLo Designs that did it - was a really cool concept. I'll see if he's still working on that.

@Nervey had a couple of my request. I really, really hate the OEM cup holders.
Have you checked amazon etc? They probably have something that slides into it and replaces the oem up holders?

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Sorry, no examples. One of the biggest complaints of the Ridgeline's bed is that it is too shallow. One way to fix that is to raise the sides of the bed.

That was easy to do on an old farm truck that had stake pockets. We just built 2x10 sideboards with wood stakes that fit into the stake pockets, then we could haul more grain in that 3/4-ton bed.

For the Ridgeline, one would have to fashion a rack in lieu of the stake pockets, and fasten those to the bed, either through the existing tie-down attachments, or the drill-through method such as used by the VanTech rack.

If you got adventurous, you could design some bed rails that sat on top of the existing Ridgeline bed rails, but mimicked the under-rail space of other truck bed designs, where a lot of aftermarket accessories would attach. Hope that makes sense.... also not sure how many folks would take advantage of it.
Ohhh I know what you mean, sorry. Some of our new products may be able to help with that in the way of adding something to them to create a wall, but most that need this specific option may opt to go the cheaper route and throw in some plywood etc. Either way, something to think about and something our new products may still help with. Thank you!

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Sun visors that block the sun straight on but are transparent when looking at them from an angle.
Interesting, forgive my ignorance but why transparent from an angle?

Replacement tow mirrors with turn signals and defroster that's a simple bolt in and replace (with harness). I know they have them for the Tundra that look like GM tow mirrors, and have been searching for a compatible replacement for the Ridgeline, but all that's out there are those strap down types. The side mirror bolt pattern on the Ridgeline is too narrow for anything I have been able to find so far. Best part is, it would work with the Ridgeline, Pilot, and Passport. Don't even care about color match, make em black.
I like this idea. Just curious what size trailer are you generally towing that requires it? We use a 6x12 enclosed trailer and get by with the stockers but I imagine its quite difficult for those with the larger ones.

Regarding the gear display, ideally there would simply be a software upgrade so the current gear would display all the time on the dash - the way it does on the current (new) models when you shift with the paddle shifters in D mode.
Ah okay, thank you for clarifying. Not our forte but something Honda should do for sure.
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