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Great list Nervey. Several items on there are within our ballpark and we will explore them.

Are you talking about the full brush guards? I know there are at least two companies making the low bull bars for the 17-22's but not sure if there is a full guard for the Gen 2.5's.

I've seen his, very nicely done. A one stop setup would be ideal and something worth looking into, thank you.

I like this, need to figure out the logistics of it all with the dual open tailgate but yeah, I'm sure it would be popular. Thank you.

Haven't seen this complaint, so you are looking for like a mini LCD screen?

Unfortunately we can't do anything further with our current line up, but it is something to consider for the future if there is enough interest for sure. Magnum makes a nicer version what you are looking for but nothing for the Ridgeline.

I have attached an image from our Ridgeline to show how little the view is compromised with the rack installed and even with the aftermarket brackets we added on. We usually have tools laid across there too but can see quite well. Third brake light was a concern but after driving behind it with different vehicles you can see it light up day/night. Rear window access hasn't really been much of a concern since those with the rear window can still reach through or put items through it without trouble - We hear you though.

View attachment 426447

For offroading or just daily driving? Just curious.

Pretty sure the Ridgeline store is selling something like that now ?

Every review I’ve read is unfavorable of the plateau j sport product-weight and quality issues

Any examples with pictures? This sounds interesting/fun.

1) Also would like to see an example if you find one?
2) Working on this right now (shh)

Working on this currently (shh).

I've seen it, pretty sure that was NoLo Designs that did it - was a really cool concept. I'll see if he's still working on that.

Have you checked amazon etc? They probably have something that slides into it and replaces the oem up holders?
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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