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Whats on your keychain?

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Post up yours, let see those honda keychains.
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mine looks like this:

2 House Keys
1 car keychains - (It looks like this) Honda Ridgeline..
1 garage key
and two work
Just my truck fob and my medical fob. My entire life is electronic. I don't use a key for anything.


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I have made a concerted effort to carry only the absolute essentials on my keyring and in my wallet for minimum discomfort. I only carry the key fob for wife's car when I know I'll be driving it.

I have found that a flexible keyring keeps keys from stabbing me in the leg and is easier to add/remove keys
Ridgeline Key
House Key
Pocket Knife
P-38 Can Opener

Key Keychain
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This is mine, i like lego movies.

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no key chain
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