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What's your thoughts on this 2006?

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Hey guys, I'm brand new here and interested in purchasing a 2006 Ridgeline RT with 97k miles. I figured what better place to get opinions than this forum. I'm just curious what you guys would consider a good price to be on this and whether it even makes sense to buy it since it's almost 20 years old. 🤷

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As a happy owner of a 2009 RT, the 20” tires and lift would concern me and I would look elsewhere. But, that’s just my perspective.

Factor into your decision the need for new spark plugs and timing belt service which is called for around the 100k mark.
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Definitely altering the suspension for the lift may result in other issues down the road. I have a 2013 Sport with 210,000 miles, no modifications and it still drives like the day I drove it out of the dealership.
Just as an example, I'm the 4th owner of a 2008 RTL with NO rust. Bought it in 2019 with 195k for $9,000. Even the loan officer thought it was a good deal. Didn't even realize at the time it had a 2 inch lift. It still has stock rims and standard size tires. Eventually replaced the front control arms because the bushings were in rough shape. I don't know how much of that was from the lift kit and how much from the miles. Shop wanted $800 for the job. I did it for $160. Otherwise, no problems relating to the lift.

P.S. Now at 247k
Welcome to the club @DozeBeatS!

As @oarnold said above — it’ll be due for several maintenance items (Timing Belt and such) around 100,000-miles — here’s an old discussion on some of the things to get your research started (watch-out for repair cost prices mentioned in some of these old threads — the price has probably increased significantly since they were accomplished):

In addition, if the radiator has NOT been replaced — you should probably plan on replacing it BEFORE you drive it too much. Others may disagree, but you don’t want to get caught-out by (and you should search for) - the Strawberry Milkshake Of Death (SMOD) — a lot easier and cheaper to do it before it fails:

Frame rust — there’s a recall on the straps that hold the fuel tank in place (you should search for that), probably should make sure you put it on a left and have the underside inspected:

There is a lot of good information here, it just takes awhile to find it. I wish you luck, and again — welcome to the club!
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