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i live in a salty rusty area ! so i thought i'd put a thread on here for the spots i've fixed , and still have to fix on mine . so you'll know where to look when buying or just keeping ahead of rust .

- the rockers (the part between the wheels on the bottom) . this place doesn't need salt , it condensates with temp changes . put some undercoating in there ...or eventually be replacing them !

-the ''dog legs'' (the part of the rear qtr panel between the rear door and the wheel well) this was the worst spot for me , it needs special ''lovin'' apply undercoating there for the same reason as the rockers !

-the hood (this IS salt related) , it gets crusty everywhere in the seams of inner and outter panels.

- the cross over holding the rear housing to the body . there is a rubber mount there . mine is corroding fast , and needs repair . i'm not doing it , because it needs a hoist to do it correctly.

- this one is somewhat surprising .....around the gas door . yup , they sealed it with foam (like most car manufacturers) , this foam holds moisture , and starts the rust . i patched it , but i don't suspect it will last a great many years !

- i did fix some minor rust on the tailgate , nothing out of the ordinary

- this list isn't major for a vehicle of this age here where i live . but it will hopefully give some of you guys looking or maintaining your ridges a know how of where to pay attention for the bubbles or to undercoat .

-i don't get on here a whole lot , just trying to be helpful , you guys definintely are when i'm in need of some knowledge !
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