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Where to put oversized spare tire?

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I'm thinking of everything I need to take into consideration when I install the 2" truxxx lift with larger A/T tires on my RL. I know I'm going to need a spare tire that is the same size as the other four.. but where do I put it in/on the truck? The best solution I can think of would be a bed mount. I don't want to put in the cab. I read that an oversized tire wouldn't fit on the stock spare tire mount when it is installed in the bed. What have you guys with larger than stock tires done with your spare (if your spare is the same size as your larger than stock tires)?

Thanks for reading my thread
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Thank you, but I had already read through that thread before I posted this one. I don't believe that thread says anything about an oversized tire? It says that an oversized tire will not fit using the RL's stock spare tire bed mount...
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