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2. The bed is much better.

It is weird to me that people are freaking out that the bed is a bit shallower towards the back and not acknowledging that the bed is simply much larger than the old bed. The old Ridgeline's bed was comically small, while the new bed is longer than the short-beds of all of the competitors and as wide as the full-size trucks.

I am sure that the extra length and width more than makes up for the decrease in height, but there are also a ton of cheap fixes for bed height for the rare occasion you are hauling huge amounts of loose cargo like dirt.
Yes, and easier on the shoulders. See my post elsewhere about stress on your rotator cuff. I know, haters will sneer and say "I am tough, I don't need to worry about that". Ha! You won't feel so tough after a torn rotator repair. A lower bed will help a bit to prevent that nasty injury and that is a good thing.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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