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I will be that G1 owner...

I dont think it looks better or worse for that matter - I love the look of my G1 for what it is - its not a Tacoma or even a Colorado , the G1 nor the G2 will never be that kind of truck- Honda is making the best and really only family truck in the marketplace - its not made for off road or even the work site - I am sure many of you are using at the work site - and I am sure your coworkers with F-150's and Silverados mock you behind your back - I bought my G1 because I wanted a family truck - trips to the hardware store, dump, etc... I like the AWD for the snow yada yada yada. It also drove the best of any truck I have ever owned (I had a Tacoma, F150 , Chevy Blazer, etc,...) It looks the way it looks for a reason.

I dont think the bed is much better or worse - the high walls in the G1 can be very useful - but the I am sure the extra space in the G2 will be awesome also - what I dont get is the speakers - unless you are a season ticket holder for some sports team I dont think you would use them very much - its a cute gimmick - but a Bluetooth speaker is just as good or better.

I have not drove a G2 yet - but the G1 drives better than any truck in the marketplace and has for years - people get in my G1 and the first thing they always say is how nice it drives - if the G2 is better great. However a lot of truck owners want a truck that drives like a truck. Take a new Tacoma for a test drive and you'll know what I mean. I sometimes miss the "real" truck feel.

Nice interiors are a dime a dozen - function over form for interior - I am very jealous of the G2's carplay - there are certainly issues with the G1 interior and I am sure people will find issues with the G2 - there is no such thing as one perfect interior for everyone. The G2 interior does look awesome.

Are you telling me my 17.5 MPG in the summer and 16 MPG in the winter is not good? If you want better gas mileage buy a hybrid or a Tesla - all trucks stink on gas mileage today - no one buys them for the gas mileage although Honda clearly has an advantage here in the G2 - time will tell if its enough.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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