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Wind noise

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I have a BE i purchased three weeks ago and it is the loudest vehicle i have ever owned and i have owned 14 new vehicles in my 23 years of driving. Is there a TSB to fix the wind noise issue
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Can you tell where the wind noise is coming from? Do you ave a roof rack on it? My BE is extremely quiet - one of the, if not the quietest vehicle I've ever owned.
I hear it mostly from the drivers side i will check the gaskets and maybe post some pictures, no roof racks or anything other than factory
I'd have the dealer look at it. I also agree that my G2 is the quietest vehicle I have ever owned even driving highway speeds when it's gusty.
Funny. Compared even to Jags, Bimmers, Buicks, Cadillacs, and Infinitis I've ridden in, wind noise is all but nonexistent in my Ridgeline. Engine noise is reasonably low. Road noise varies from eerily quiet on new asphalt to "could use improvement" on concrete and that god-awful chipseal that eats tires, deafens ears, and shatters windshields. That garbage should be illegal, but it's cheaper than properly replacing the old asphalt.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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