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Windscreen wiper stalk hard to engage (just me?)

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My RTL-E wiper control/stalk is hard to engage. Up to mist, off, down one click to intermittent, no problem, just as it should be. Try to go further down, to low speed wipe, it takes A LOT of pressure. After setting to low speed on, if I try again soon, all is normal. Come back the next day or later and it is the same as before. It almost requires so much downward pressure that I think I might break something by forcing it. Nothing has broken, everything works but definitely not quite right. I have taken apart some old cars (60's to maybe 80's) and steering column controls are not really somewhere you want to go if you can avoid it. My current plan is to hope for more rain, use control more and hope it breaks in. Anyone else been here?
Side note: driving along yesterday and the wipers "turned them selves on". My heart skipped a beat as I dreamt that I had the only USA 2G RTL with rain sensing wipers and in a moment my cooled seats would turn on too. Turns out I must have bumped the wiper control to intermittent position. Dream on. If I had to summarize my opinion about this truck in one word it would be "besteversofar".
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Drove mine all day in the rain here. Stick for wipers works perfectly. No stubborn issues. With the intermittent type of rain we had today I did wish for the Rain Sense wipers like in the wife's SRX. They work great. Missing that feature.

Steve M
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