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My brand new 2022 Ridgeline, just got in April of this year keeps getting an oily film on the inside of the windshield. The only other time I have seen this is when I had a problem with my 2001 Dodge Ram and it turned out to be the Heater Core was bad. Once replaced, no more film. I can't believe my brand new Honda has a heater core problem. I just took it into the dealer for first oil change and told them, and showed them pictures of the film on the windshield, they just gave me recommendations - like use a sun shield, park in the shade, etc. which I already do! Anyone else have this problem? Also, notice the really weird design on the glass. What is that???

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So, while at the dealer's, after I told them about the windshield, they completely cleaned it. (Although I had tried that before with windshield cleaner, vinegar, alcohol, you name it) and the film still comes back.

So, they cleaned it on Monday and I took the following pictures on Wednesday! The film is building up again!

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I ran my finger over it and it is definitely oily!

What can I do about this?


Don't smoke, always run air on recycle, don't drive with windows down.
Could it be AC freeon fluid from an internal leak?
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